FOCUS – Watch the Hands!
April 13, 2014

FOCUS – Watch the Hands!

Passage: Isaiah 50:4-9,Philippians 2:5-11

How well we know life’s ups and downs.  Jesus even more so.  On Palm Sunday He experiences it all.  First, He received great praise as He entered Jerusalem as the people shouted, “Hosanna! Save us now!”  That moment was short-lived, the beginning of the end for Jesus.  It is an end culminating in the most excruciating and humiliating of deaths—by crucifixion.  But amidst all the pain and betrayal, the agony and abandonment, the corruption and the cross, we need to focus on the good coming out.  We can be happy, not just as part of a palm parade, but at the truth that God has indeed exalted His obedient Son to the highest place, where He receives glory and honor and power, forever and ever.