May 25, 2014

Discipleship–Less Godly, More Dogly!

Passage: Acts 17:22-31,1 Peter 3:13-22,John 14:15-21

In today’s Gospel Jesus speaks plainly of sending the Spirit to his disciples, an Advocate, a Comforter who will speak to the hearts of all who believe—if they are obedient. What does that mean? Paul tries telling the Athenians that the entity they call “the Unknown God” is actually the Lord of heaven and earth who sent Jesus into the world. Peter prompts us to always be ready to witness to the hope that is within us—a hope that the rest of the world better be able to see in us. It’s an obedience based not on slavishly obeying rules, but in essence, living for others. Of that we find a great example in “man’s best friend.”