September 14, 2014

Forgiveness — Not Letting Something Go, but Letting Something Sink In

Passage: Exodus 14:19-31,Romans 14:1-11,Matthew 18:21-35

Deliverance—from oppressive slavery, from insurmountable debt.  Neither the Israelites nor the slave in Jesus’ parable do anything to earn their deliverance—it’s a surprise, offered in grace and mercy. The Israelites respond with a song of praise to their Redeemer.  The slave, however, fails to let his master’s grace and mercy flow through him to one who owes him a pittance.  Writing to the Romans, Paul challenges them—and us—to accept each other.  We do not live or die to ourselves; we are the Lord’s.  We are set apart to treat one another with the same grace and mercy we have received.