February 28, 2016

The Joy of Being Wrong

Passage: Isaiah 55:1-9,1 Corinthians 10:1-13,Luke 13:1-9

There is great joy in being able to repent—to change, turn around, do the opposite of what you’ve been doing. Repentance is not an unbearable burden for Christians, rather it is a joyful act that enables God to relieve us of our burdens brought about by our sin and feeling we have to be right. For we are NOT right, and are often far from righteous. God in Christ is not only righteous, but also generous and gracious. Therefore, let us be boldly honest—with ourselves as well as Him—and confess our sins that they may be completely removed. That should be enough to make us break into a chorus of Hallelujahs…even in Lent.